Podcast Episode 0 – “Three Dinners at Once”

Oh hey look at this! A podcast! It’s always a difficult and daunting task when you’re looking at starting something completely new, but luckily this whole thing kind of fell together in a way that made it seem like it was supposed to happen. After sitting on this domain name for nearly eight months with only two posts I figured it was time to start doing something with this.

Mike and I are very excited to explore the possibilities of this platform, whether it be through music reviews and discussion, artist features and interviews, gear rundowns and comparisons, or anything else that comes up along the way. Our passion is music and we hope that shows through what we do here.

If you’re a seasoned music professional or just looking to get into writing and recording your first song we hope to provide entertainment and some useful information scattered throughout the things we write in our posts and the things we say on our podcast and in videos.

We hope you enjoy!



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