RANGES, “The Greater Lights”

Montana post-rock group RANGES dropped a single off their upcoming album The Ascensionist today. The band has been doing a fantastic job of marketing and promoting the album, which is due out September 22nd on dunk!records. Instagram clips, incredible artwork, the hype has been building and in just over one months’ time the album will be released.

The track is a naturally-developing crescendo of heavy guitars sandwiched between delicate textures and guitar loops, an aspect they’ve been teasing in the Instagram clips. I try not to judge an album based on whatever singles are released so as a standalone track I think it does a great job carrying its own weight and standing up for itself while still giving some sense of direction for the album. From the clips they’ve posted on various social media platforms I’m curious to se how the rest of the album sounds but I feel like this six-minute track is an accurate depiction of what to expect. Or the rest could be something completely different.

If anything, bands should look to this particular album cycle as a fantastic way to handle a release. I’ve been following RANGES for a little while now and just because of the way they’re approaching this release it has created a unique sense of anticipation for me. Nothing they’ve done has made me think this album is being overhyped in any way, but they’re giving fans just enough at just the right intervals to stay interested and up-to-date in terms of what’s going on with this record. Definitely something every band should strive for.

I’m eagerly anticipating the rest of this album and I believe anyone reading this should be as well.


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